Ten Online GMAT Destinations

GMAT scores are used by more than 5000 graduate management programs in 82 countries as part of their admission criteria. GMAT is poised as the most successful test that can accurately predict students’ potential for management studies. MAT tests your advanced reasoning skills in four independent criteria as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and integrated reasoning on a computer adaptive format.


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online gmatPreparing for GMAT

There are many options for practicing for GMAT. Well known educational institutes run classes. Management schools themselves have traditional classroom courses for GMAT preparation. All leading publishers have books and software developed for CAT practice.

Online GMAT Courses

There are many online options too.

Online GMAT practice options are of two types.

1.Interactive software systems supported by question banks and developed to give practice in one or all aspects the test. Some of them have been developed as Computer Adaptive modules to simulate the real GMAT.

2. Online teachers who bring the traditional classroom teaching to the virtual classroom. They may use technological capabilities at varying levels.

Online GMAT Software or Live Classes

Interactive online test practice option is preferred over others since most of the practice applications are developed with computer adaptive testing model incorporated. If you have particular test areas in which you need live teaching from an experienced instructor, live online lessons in a virtual classroom will offer the best solution. For many students, a mix of both would be ideal.

This article explores ten of the most popular and successful online GMAT practice programs with a focus on their outstanding features.

Official GMAT Website

Official GMAT website is the best place to start your GMAT practice strategy. The site gives you full information about the test, its structure and what each part measures. In addition, all test centers and test dates are given with several different options for test registration. There are several valuable official publications for the test practice. Among them, the most valuable and well known is the Official GMAT Review, the only GMAT practice book that has retired questions from the real GMAT test. There is free software available for practicing the real GMAT test online.


This completely online GMAT practice system covering the entire spectrum of GMAT is unique in its teaching methodology along with the advanced audio and video instructional materials in an interactive platform. The system offers full length GMAT tests in CAT format with feedback on performance. The programs give access to more than 500 GMAT questions. Students have an error log book that constantly updates the progress made. It is the unique study method developed by the GMAT pill which is outstanding. Advanced audio and video integrated in an interactive platform GMAT pill develops efficiency in test taking. GMAT pills are a complete online GMAT practice system prepared by a team of Stanford graduates. It covers all parts of the test. The word Pill in the GMAT Pill refers to its groundbreaking teaching method.

Manhattan GMAT Online

Manhattan brings their much celebrated traditional GMAT classes to virtual classroom. Classes are given by live instructors with room for student interaction. Manhattan, in addition to giving classes, has been in the business of publishing quality GMAT practice books for a long time. Manhattan GMAT online rests on three pillars of success: the highest paid faculty with 99th GMAT percentile, focus on giving complete systematic education and cutting edge technology in delivering online classes.

Veritas Prep GMAT

Veritas has world class tutors giving online GMAT prep courses in full course and weekend formats. Since its inception veritas has been in both GMAT course and admission consulting business. Veritas Prep claims it has all top notch traditional class features in their live online classes. Online programs have feedback and live instructor support. Joining a 90 minute webinar given by Manhattan is the best way to get a feel of their live online class.

e GMAT Verbal Online

This online GMAT practice program is for GMAT verbal only aimed at non native GMAT test takers. The online interactive audio visual program provides complete GMAT verbal practice for non native GMAT test takers. It has 24 hour live professional support and specialised practice for GMAT verbal and analytical writing component. The course starts with the GMAT test taking strategies and then provides analysis and practice of real GMAT verbal questions. e GMAT is widely known among non native GMAT test takers who need additional support.

Magoosh GMAT Online

Magoosh GMAT Online Program is based on an extensive instructional video series blended with practice questions covering the entire GMAT spectrum. Answering practice questions lead the learner to a bunch of suggested videos that can help further. This is especially helpful in the GMAT math section.

Economist GMAT Tutor Online

Developed on adaptive learning technology, this online GMAT Prep system helps you focus on your unique needs as you go along. The program covers all GMAT areas. Quick live support is provided by experienced GMAT tutors. GMAT lessons presented by a virtual tutor in a conversational format, progress reports keeping close track of your performance and orientation, highly personalized live tutor support and quick response Ask-a-Question messaging system are all what make this online GMAT preparation system cutting edge.

Kaplan GMAT Online

Kaplan Online GMAT alternative provides online live GMAT classes in two standard formats as Kaplan GMAT Advantage and Advantage Plus. In addition, there are on demand classes for GMAT quantitative section. Kaplan has a rich array of supplementary materials for GMAT practice.

Knewton GMAT Online

Knewton Online GMAT courses are based on their extensive list of GMAT concepts of strategies. The online instructional content is organized and developed to give practice in these concepts and strategies. Knewton also claims to have the biggest pool of GMAT questions. Many of those who practiced with Knewton online accept that their questions are the closest to real GMAT test questions.

Princeton Review Online

Princeton Review offers live GMAT classes online. The company has been in the business of offering traditional test prep classes for decades and a leading publisher of preparation materials for all kind of admission tests. Princeton online GMAT has a series of video lessons and a rich online database of practice questions and drills. The course is supplemented with ten full length tests delivered on computer adaptive format.

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