Common admission test

One will find it difficult to argue about the importance that the Common Admission Test plays for admission to Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other top notch management schools in India. The CAT supersedes any other management test that is taken by students here in India.

The test, CAT 2014, is scheduled to begin from November 16, 2014 which is going to act as a gateway for the Management students for admissions in the choicest of B-Schools. By now most students would have strategized how they are going to be playing their part for this year’s try at the admission test.


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The underlying fact is that to appear for the examination students need to understand the test and what it checks and analyses. So let’s try and understand the paper a little better today:

What does CAT do?

The Common Admission Test is basically is an exam which has been designed to rate students on their skills that they display while attempting the paper and cracking down it’s patterns and then making sense of the options and getting the right answer. So the key to cracking the exam here does not lie in knowing the answer but being clear in concepts and principles.

Understanding patterns

There has said to be pattern in the most random of events and phenomena’s as well; so the challenge in the CAT paper lies in understanding that pattern on the basis of your concepts and principles but do so quickly and accurately.

The paper will be testing the candidate on his ability of his familiarization on the concepts and his/ her fundamentals. The paper will never check the concept directly but always in a situation where the concept will be used.

Significance of CAT

The CAT exam has known to terrify many but still there are numerous willing to try their hand at the same and make their mark. This is mainly because most, along with being terrified, understand its importance. The CAT has been designed to test the aspirant’s skills but not in a direct manner.

The concepts and skill tested in the CAT paper can be later put to use in myriad issues, concerns and decisions which we make on a daily basis as well. These skills will not be helping in making of efficient and profitable decisions but also one’s which are quick and less time consuming.

Remaining calm while drawing relevance

If we have to compare the paper on the whole, the reading comprehension is another section which the students need to understand, before attempting. The passages under the reading comprehension will never be direct and neither something which will make sense in its first read. The passages have known to be thick and will often make the students wonder how they are going to tackle this problem. The key again rests in sticking to your fundamentals along with remaining calm.

Being focused

Remain calm at all times and know this that the paper has been designed so that you lose your patience and give up. So the real logic which you are required to make in the first place is to know that the paper has been designed to throw you off your concepts and drive you to an end where you give up the patience you have been so carefully trying to maintain.

Staying rational and the ability to take risk

The thing that most aspirants need to know is the difference in being rational and the ability to take risks. The two are poles apart but there are times when you can be rational when taking a risk. For someone who is confused between two options while attempting a question needs to be rational while taking the risk of attempting the question. While there is the possibility of getting the answer wrong; there is also the possibility of the risk paying off and getting the answer right.

Thus it is an important skill to hold while attempting the questions.

Hope the article brings you closer to understanding the CAT paper, what the examiner expects of you and how you will come to terms with the issues that will arise while attempting the paper.

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